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How to Read Piano Music: Naming the WHITE KEYS

Shchedryk easy sheet music with letters, for piano. Ukrainian carol.
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Hello friends!

This is Kent Smith of ‘Read Piano Music Now’ and ‘Piano With Kent’ (R).

Today, I’m pleased to present a tutorial video that I hope will be a musically entertaining review/introduction to the basic “landscape” (or layout) of your piano keyboard, which includes a systematic approach to learning how to name and remember all the white keys on your piano, by using the black keys as landmarks (as they were designed to be, when it comes to navigating the keys).

In a subsequent lesson, we’ll look at how all the Black Keys are named, which is a pretty straightforward thing, as they are named in relation to their neighboring white keys.


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VIDEO (YouTube) : “Piano Letters and Notes: How to Name (and Remember) the White Keys of Your Piano”


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