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Canon in D | Piano Sheet Music with Letters & Notes | Free VIDEO too

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Announcing a brand-new Helper Video from ‘Read Piano Music Now’

Especially for use with our exclusive Canon in D sheet music for piano, with letter note-names and regular piano notation together!

Here’s where to FIND THIS SHEET MUSIC (on this website):


Watch and Learn how to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D on piano, using our Sheet Music with Letters & Notes Together!

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Piano “letter-notes” PLUS standard piano notation, all on the same page, lined up precisely together, for easy reading. (Every note on our ‘Sheet Music With Letters’ is labeled with its musically accurate letter-name, using the standard Western musical alphabet–including any sharps, flats, etc.)

This exclusive sheet music for piano is perfect for special occasions and personal enjoyment.  A very nice, not-too-difficult arrangement, based strictly on Pachelbel’s original Canon in D (P. 37), from the original Canon and Gigue for 3 violins and basso continuo.  

We have arranged this sheet music so that it can be played through as many times as you like, followed by a pretty ending, which will occur after your final repetition(s)–whenever you see fit to end your performance of the piece!

Canon in D, composed in the late 17th/early 18th century by Johann Pachelbel (scholars aren’t 100% sure of the exact year), is one of the most famous and popular classical pieces of all time, beloved around the world, known for its simplicity, restful (yet still joyous) emotional spirit, and timeless beauty.

Guitarists (and others) can easily play along with you:

The underlying chord progression of Canon in D is quite simple, and repeats itself throughout. This simple progression makes the music perfect for guitar players to jump right in with you, for example.

The repeating chords for Pachelbel’s Canon, in sequence, are:

D major, A major, B minor, F# minor, G major, D major, G major, and A major.

This optional “helper video” is an automated playback of our professionally engraved sheet music, seen and heard in real-time. As such, it can be quite helpful as an (optional) reference for getting the right rhythmical feel, observing and hearing relationships between the notes, and the like.

Exclusively from ‘Piano With Kent’ (R) and ‘Read Piano Music Now.’ Professional arrangement by Kent D. Smith, piano and music instructor.

Video and sheet music (c) 2023 by Kent D. Smith. All rights reserved.