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Notice from Kent!

Sept. 2022: Re: PIANOWITHKENT.COM website.


FROM: Kent D. Smith of ‘Piano With Kent’ and ‘Read Piano Music Now.’

NOTE: If that’s not you described above, you can just scroll to the bottom of this page, for YOUR ACCOUNT ACCESS /SIGN-UP PAGE on this NEW website,, from ‘Piano With Kent.’

Hello from Kent!

If you were redirected here, when searching for ‘Piano With Kent’ or is my older website, which has been retired (long story short, I was having trouble with Google Search over that website, as it was too complex, and Google was starting to get confused – had evolved over many years, and had become too complicated, or something, because my search rankings were dropping without any change to my store, or my content. A long and disheartening tale my friend, I had no time to make new content – just dealing with Google Search Console mysteries every day…

BOTTOM LINE: If you were hoping to re-download any sheet music that you had previously purchased at (thank you!), just shoot me (Kent) an email, at, and I will gladly send you a copy of any PDF’s that you had bought before, no questions asked. You can also use our CONTACT FORM HERE – also great for any other concerns, questions, requests, or feedback! I am also available for messages 24*7 at 1-(714) 485-8081 (Los Angeles, US).

* I sincerely apologize for any confusion related to my old website being retired. NOTE: People who try to access will be automatically sent here.





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