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How to Play Für Elise | Video plus Sheet Music w Letters & Notes Together

Product Image: First page from 'Fur Elise Sheet Music with Letters and Notes Together.'
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Für Elise – Main Theme – REFERENCE VIDEO

GRAPHICALLY illustrated on a piano keyboard (with sound)

~ Slow Tempo ~

For reference and learning

Hello from Kent!

Today I’m sharing an older YouTube video of mine, from around 2010.

This video (at bottom) covers the MAIN SECTION of ‘Für Elise’ by Beethoven, as illustrated in slow-motion (with pitch-corrected sound) on a keyboard.

I generated this video  from my Complete ‘Für Elise’ Sheet Music with Letters, which I sell HERE (on this website). 


Here’s the clickable product image (on this site), for details:


This video (below) is a very slow sheet music playback of the main section, or theme, of Für Elise by Ludwig v. Beethoven  (not a human performance).

The graphic animation of the keyboard itself is at slow-motion speed, BUT, the pitch of the music is normal.  This means all the notes you hear (and what you see highlighted) are the exact pitches, as notated in the sheet music.

This video can serve as a visual and audible reference tool, to help keep your bearings on the keyboard, and to make sure you’re reading the sheet music right, as regards matching the notes on the page to the keys on your piano.

Since this is a sheet music playback, and not a performance, you can hear all the notes (with slowed-down tempo) correctly,  but there is no human expression.  Therefore, I highly recommend using high-quality recordings of this piece, as your reference for all the artistic performance aspects.

This video can also be helpful for those who play piano entirely by ear. In this case, it is still not meant to be used as a model for performance, but more as a source for finding all the right notes, and for observing how things are timed (even though this version is played very slowly, it strictly observes all the rhythmic aspects of the original piece, as notated in the formal sheet music).

The TOP and BOTTOM KEYBOARDS –  Why two?

The TOP keyboard graphic shows the RIGHT-HAND PART, and the bottom keyboard shows the LEFT-HAND part.

This is based on how the piece was notated, and how it is typically performed.  With Für Elise in particular, I found this to be a good format for clarity and learning. The main sections of Für Elise have a very interesting relationship between the two hands–which is more apparent, I hope, when visually dividing the keyboard in this way.  I welcome your opinion!

– Kent

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Moonlight Sonata | VIDEO | Sheet Music with Letters & Notes together | PDF Download

Product Image: First page from 'Moonlight Sonata' Sheet Music with 'Letters and Notes Together.'
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Learning Video & PDF Sheet Music

Piano Sonata No. 14, ‘Moonlight’

by Ludwig v. Beethoven

Companion Reference Video
 Sheet Music with Letters


Hello from Kent!

Today I’m happy to present an educational/reference video (at bottom) that features real-time playback of a popular piece of Sheet Music that I sell here : Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Entire First Movement – Sheet Music with Letters & Notes together (PDF).


If you click on our Moonlight Sonata product image above (this takes you to our product page, on this website), you can see all the details about this professionally engraved sheet music for piano, and also purchase it, for immediate and/or later downloads.

In a nutshell, this sheet music is the complete First Movement of Ludwig v. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 (famously known as ‘Moonlight’ Sonata, taken from a poetic description of this, the First Movement, by a music critic of Beethoven’s time).

Every note on this professionally engraved and annotated sheet music is accurately labeled with its musical letter-name, such as C, G, F#, Bb.


This video can be useful as a reference when making sure you have your bearings in the sheet music.

When you scroll through it, you can tell what page and measure is being highlighted and played at any spot, by looking in the little preview square (as you move the play head around). YOU CAN ALSO SLOW THIS VIDEO DOWN, using YouTube’s playback settings for the video – just click on the gear icon in the lower right of the player window.

There is also a Keyboard Video graphic, just below the sheet music view, that highlights and sounds every note being played from the highlighted sheet music, in sync with the sheet music audio, in real time.

Please see below this video for more interesting stuff about Moonlight Sonata!

Moonlight Sonata with Letters – Sheet music playback with piano

More About Moonlight Sonata

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Für Elise COMPLETE | Sheet music with Letters and Notes together | PDF download

Product Image: First page from 'Fur Elise Sheet Music with Letters and Notes Together.'
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Hello from Kent!

Today I’m very pleased to announce a brand new sheet music publication on ‘Read Piano Music Now!’ (this site). What we have for you today is Für Elise Sheet Music with Letters and Notes Together.

For details, simply click on the product image immediately below (this link takes you directly to the product itself – on this website).

This is the COMPLETE and original Für Elise (Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor)!

Aside from what you can read in the product description, here are some interesting things about Beethoven’s Für Elise that you might not know!

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