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New! Moonlight Sonata 2nd MVT | Piano Sheet Music PLUS Letter-Names

Moonlight Sonata No. 14, 2nd Movement - sheet music with letters - product image. Beethoven.
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Just Added: SECOND (2nd) Movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Sheet Music with Letter-Names included.

This completes the full set of 3 movements of “Moonlight Sonata” (Piano Sonata No. 14) — now available in our online store.  (Each movement can be purchased separately.)

Hello and welcome to  My name is Kent D. Smith.

Today I’m happy to announce publication of the Second Movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”  sheet music with letter-names included, on this website.

This SECOND MOVEMENT completes the set of all 3 movements of Beethoven’s famous Piano Sonata No. 14,  a.k.a. “Moonlight”, as featured in our online Sheep Music Shop (on this site).

Which MOVEMENT(S)  of Moonlight Sonata are you looking for?

Let’s examine the three movements of Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No 14), so that you can determine which ones you might be interested in.

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BOOK: How to add Note-Names to ANY sheet music for piano and other instruments

PDF Book - How to Add Note-Names (Letters) to Sheet Music
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Learn how to identify and label ANY NOTE, on ANY piece of sheet music — for piano, guitar, bass, voice, and most other instruments (covers Treble and Bass staves).

“…It is so easy to comprehend and so very comprehensive. Not a stone left unturned.”  – Thomas P.  (Perth, Australia, one of my first customers).

Sheet Music With Letters – Shop HERE

Are you tired of trying to find the “letter-notes” for your favorite songs and pieces?  Maybe disappointed by the number of pieces that you can actually find, when looking for complete piano pieces that include note-name labels (including my collection on this site)? 

Hello from Kent of “Piano with Kent” (R) and “Read Piano Music Now.”

Today I’m very pleased to announce my brand new, exclusive book, How to Add Letters (Note-Names) to Sheet Music – With a Focus on Piano.

This book uses a very straightforward Three Step Process for naming any note on sheet music—no matter if the note is a sharp, flat, or natural, and no matter what the Key Signature is.  This includes up to six ledger lines, above or below the Treble or Bass staff.

This is a printable PDF download.

Here’s the product page (on this website):


Months in the making, this book will show you how to properly name ANY note, on either the treble or bass staff (the upper and lower staves of standard piano sheet music).

This includes any and all sharps and flats.

The big question of handling Key Signatures is thoroughly covered!

Also, you will learn how to handle “accidentals” on any sheet music. (Accidentals are sharps, flats, and natural signs that appear in front of a given note on sheet music, and they override the Key Signature.) Accidentals follow special rules of interpretation, and these too are thoroughly addressed in the book.

This 51-page book includes many examples and practice exercises. Each exercise is followed by its correct solution, with a detailed explanation of what was done.

You can use this book to interpret even the most advanced of classical pieces!

For details, please click on the product description at the top of this post.

Here are a few select images of pages, from the book itself (apologies if the image resolutions below are not great, on your screen — in the actual book, all images are very clean!).

Page from "How to Add Note-Names (Letters) to Sheet Music" PDF Book. Illustration of Musical Accidentals.
Page from “How to Add Note-Names (Letters) to Sheet Music.” Musical Accidentals.

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‘Clair de Lune’ Sheet Music | Letters & Notes Together | from ‘Read Piano Music Now’

Clair de Lune sheet music with letters - product image.
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Hello from Kent!

Today, I’m very pleased to announce the Complete ‘Clair de Lune‘ by Claude Debussy:  Exclusive, professionally compiled and engraved sheet music for piano, with letter note-names provided for each note.

The product link above has all the important details about this sheet music, available now for PDF download.

In a nutshell, this is the complete Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy (the third of four movements from a larger piece, called Suite Bergamasque).

Each note is labelled with its musically accurate letter name, such as G, F#, Bb.

Visit our on-site Sheet Music Shop HERE – it’s growing fast!

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