Canon in D | Piano Sheet Music w Letters and Notes Together

Beautiful Canon in D sheet music for piano solo, scored for medium playing level.

Letter-names for every note are included!

This is a very nice, pretty, yet accessible arrangement for solo piano.

This exclusive arrangement is carefully designed in such a way as to be repeated as many times as desired. As such, it is perfectly suited for special occasions, such as a wedding or funeral, or as peaceful background music, or the like.

Skill level: MEDIUM.

Format: Printable PDF.

One (1) downloadable, printable PDF file – Three (3) pages total.

Immediate and subsequent downloads from multiple devices are allowed!

Beautifully engraved and annotated by Kent D. Smith, a professional music instructor and composer, with over 45 years of experience in the music and software business.

Exclusively available here, only at ‘Read Piano Music Now.’

You can watch and hear this sheet music being played back HERE, on our ‘Read Piano Music Now’ YouTube channel.  (This video is an excellent audio/visual reference for learning this piece from the sheet music below – however, it’s not a human performance.)

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Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’

from Canon and Gigue for 3 Violins and Basso Continuo

An exclusive, professionally engraved arrangement for solo piano.

Carefully based on the original score!

Letter-names (note labels) are included for every note. Note labels include any and all “accidentals” (sharps, flats, naturals, etc.).

Key: D Major (the original key).

Skill / Reading Level: Medium.

Product: PDF sheet music, for immediate and future downloads.

File: One (1) downloadable, printable PDF file. Three (3) pages.

Watch and hear this sheet music HERE, on our YouTube channel!  This video is an excellent audio/visual reference for learning ‘Canon in D’ from our exclusive sheet music. Please note, this is not a human performance.)

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If, at any time, you are unhappy with this sheet music for ‘Canon in D,’ or anything else related to your purchase, I will gladly issue you a full refund, with no questions asked!


The arranger and professional engraver of this sheet music, Kent D. Smith, is a college-degreed music instructor and composer with over 45 years of professional experience.

This is a printable PDF file, available for immediate (and subsequent) downloads.*

*Download limit: Eight (8) times, from any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Thank you so much, I hope you will get much enjoyment from playing this professionally arranged ‘Canon in D’ sheet music for piano, with letters and notes together. As a professional teacher and scholar, I have stayed true to the original melodies and harmonies from Pachelbel’s original score, in this exclusive arrangement.

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