Gymnopédie No. 1 | Sheet Music with Letters and Notes Together


Learn (or relearn) Erik Satie’s extremely popular Gymnopédie No. 1, with the help of our exclusive Standard Sheet Music with Letters and Notes Together!

Complete, original, and unabridged.

Professionally engraved, traditional (formal) sheet music for piano.

The engraver, Kent D. Smith, is a college-degreed music instructor, with over 45 years of teaching, performing, and composing experience.

This is a printable PDF file, available for immediate (and subsequent) downloads.

Download Limit: Eight (8) times, from any device.


Format: Downloadable, printable PDF file.

Product: One PDF (1) file – Four (4) pages total.

Immediate and subsequent downloads from multiple devices are allowed (limit = 8).

Professionally engraved and annotated!

Accuracy and quality are guaranteed, or your money back.

See below for details!

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Learn (or relearn) your favorite piano songs and pieces, with the help of our professionally engraved STANDARD SHEET MUSIC WITH LETTER-NAMES INCLUDED, and our (optional) FREE helper VIDEOS and blog articles!

Right here, you can instantly download our complete and authoritative sheet music for Erik Satie’s extremely popular piece for solo piano, Gymnopédie No. 1.

Letter-names (note labels) have been added to every note. These include any and all “accidentals” (sharps, flats, naturals, etc.).

Our lettered notes are 100% musically accurate, based on both the prevailing key signature; and also, any and all accidentals (a musical term, meaning sharps, flats and naturals, temporarily inserted for any given note) that may be in effect, during the current measure. In other words, it’s never necessary to “second-guess” these note labels, as you read continuously through the piece.

100% accuracy and completeness is 100% guaranteed:

This means that you could request a refund at any time, for any reason, with no questions asked. (From Kent: Rest assured though: even though I would be happy to immediately refund your money, of course, I have never had any customer feel the need to request such a refund, nor has anyone expressed unhappiness about these products, over literally decades of me producing and selling sheet music on various platforms.  As a professional teacher and musician, I take this work very seriously! That said, I want to repeat: If you are unhappy with your sheet music, for any reason whatsoever, a refund will be made immediately, with absolutely no questions asked – and, of course, there will also be zero “follow-up junk marketing emails” from me (whether you request a refund or not). *Refund requests, and/or any questions, suggestions, or feedback, can be very easily submitted to me directly, on this website, via our CONTACT KENT page, or by direct email to [email protected], or by leaving a message for me (Kent Smith) directly, at 714.485.8081 (USA).


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