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Watch this space for educational Articles & Videos about all things Sheet Music!

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The future of this blog section is rich! I am very excited about it! The focus is entirely about how to read sheet music for piano, and also for other instruments.

Please keep coming back!

We will be talking about:

  • – How to read rhythm in sheet music.
  • How to understand the notes on both staves, as they related to your piano keyboard.
  • – The meanings of all those symbols on sheet music: Dynamics, phrasing lines, tied notes, pedal markings, tempo and “mood” instructions, repeat signs and descriptions, and much more!
  • – Key signatures.
  • – Accidentals (sharps, flats and “naturals”), as written inside any given measure, which temporarily override the key signature.
  • – Chord symbols.
  • – Basically, everything that has to do with reading sheet music, especially for piano, but also for any instrument!

Please bookmark this site, and keep coming back! This website is brand-spanking new, and growing fast!